Planet Angollin

The planet Angollin is the fourth body in the Carraghan system. It is approximately 9500km in diameter and has a population approaching 12.5 billion mostly humans. The planet is 60% land and the rest oceans. Gravitational force early in the planet’s creation wrinkled the early crust, giving it an almost pleated look. The lang mass is divided around the planet in strips approximately 1000km wide and running most of the way from the top to bottom of the planet. The ambient temperature is warm and the air is very dry.

The population live in large cities on the continental strips and a large number of people live in orbital habitats. The cities are very advanced with many high rise structures.

Politically each of the strips has its own government, mostly democratic but two of the strips have differing systems, one monarchy and one a theocracy.

The theocratic nation provides some of the Magellus sub sector’s greatest minds and a lot of scientific research is carried out there.


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