Planet Carragha

Planet Carragha is the 5th planet in the Carraghan system. It is 11000km in diameter and has a population of around 8 billion inhabitants. It is a cold world with large icy poles which extend almost to the equator.

Most of the liquid water is either deep beneath the poles or in the oceans within 15 degrees of the equator. The Carraghans are well adapted to their cold lifestyles and a thriving society has built up. The population are strong willed and often view off worlds, particularly those from Angollin as weak.

A large industry has built up around extracting fresh water from below the ice sheets. The water itself is unusually rich in heavy isotopes and Carragha was one of the first civilisations to unlock fusion as an energy source.

Starships from Carragha are usually proactive in greeting new visitors to the system and usually portray themselves as the rulers of the system. Natives of Angollin sometimes find this offensive but it is mostly taken in good humour, unless it is Angollin trade vessels, which in the past has caused confrontation.


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