Planet Senubis

The fifth planet in the Irridence system.

Senubis is a shining 7500km wide golden orb in space due to the high levels of metal ores present in the crust of the planet. Only 20% of the planet’s surface is covered in water and even this is coloured by the rocks.

Several centuries ago Senubis was colonised by people from Irridence-4 seeking to exploit its valuable natural resources. The volume of ores there astonished scientists and there was a race to mine and ship back to Irridence-4. However, as the ore started returning, this new source of materials caused economic meltdown and the value of the ore dropped. It was decided it was more financially viable to move the industries to Senubis, rather than shipping the unprocessed ore to Irridence-4.

The colonies grew quickly on Senubis and now its population is close to 2 billion inhabitants. Most of the population live in the northern hemisphere where concentration of ore is slightly lower and small amounts of food can be grown. Most essential supplies have to be brought in from Irridence-4, this doesnt usually turn out to a problem due to the wealth of Senubis so its inhabitants live well.

Politically the planet is controlled by a semi-democratic government elected by the people out of a selection of executives nominated by the largest companies on Senubis. This has proved stable but on many occasions the government has been accused of putting business interests ahead of those of the people.

The weather on Senubis is violent, ore particles in the air lead to devastating electrical storms, Senubians have become accustomed to this and build accordingly. All flight is banned during a storm.


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