Titus System

Found in the Magellus sub-sector the Titus system comprised of six planets orbiting a yellow dwarf star. There is only one habitable world for which the system is named after. The other planets are either rocky and scorched by the sun (inner 2 planets), or cold gas giants in the depths of the system (outer 3).

Titus is the third planet in the system and is a small globe approximately 4000km in diameter. It is covered mostly in water and about 30% land with large icy poles. It is a cold planet and most of the population live in a narrow band around the equator where it is warmer and the ground thaws for a reasonable length during the summer. Much of the 250 million population of mostly humans live in small self sufficient settlements which farm both livestock and arable crops. The popular settlements trade with each other and with other smaller settlements further out into the permafrost. Approximately 5% of the population live in the planet’s only city, Ariisa starport. This is the most advanced city on the planet and the gateway to the rest of the galaxy.

Off-world contact is limited but visitors are welcomed with open arms as the population has limited access to space flight and enjoys the storied from far flung worlds.

There is a single starport in orbit around Titus used by the few travellers who visit the system and the CPF as it patrols. It is in geosyncronous orbit above Ariisa and is serviced my regular shuttles.


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